Our Team

Our Team

Renée Stoeckle
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Nikki Lowrey
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Lauren May
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And a huge supporting cast at Step Up For Students, including members of the Policy and Public Affairs team and the Office of Student Learning.

Sounding Board

The Rising Tide Sounding Board is an eclectic group of Catholic school advocates across all sectors that meets regularly to brainstorm, strategize and shape the Initiative. These influencers are an essential piece of the mission, ensuring all voices are represented and heard as we shape the vision of this essential work.

Partner Organizations

The Rising Tide Initiative is a strategic partnership between the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops and Step Up For Students, working together to share the Good News of Florida’s Catholic schools and ensure Catholic education is truly accessible to all who seek it.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Our vision is high quality Catholic schools serving low-income families. The Foundation will realize this vision through improving the operational vitality of Catholic schools, with a national emphasis on advocating for and implementing private school choice to ensure that low-income families have equal access to all educational options.

The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of his Church guide the work of the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops which, through relationships with representatives and agencies of Florida government, analyzes the moral dimension of public policies, proclaims the sanctity of life and dignity of the human person, leads decision makers in reaching just solutions, and provides opportunities for Catholics in Florida to carry out their responsibility to participate in political life.

Step Up For Students

Step Up For Students empowers parents to pursue and engage in the most appropriate learning options for their children, with an emphasis on families who lack the financial resources to access these options. By pursuing this mission, we help public education fulfill the promise of equal opportunity.