Prepare for a year of learning at your school’s open house


Helping your child succeed in school is all about laying a solid foundation and building on it. At private schools in Orlando, FL, open house is an excellent time to meet your little one’s teacher, find out what the year has in store, and learn how you can help your child have a successful school year.

Is it Open House or Meet the Teacher Day?

While open house and meet the teacher events have a lot in common, each has its own specific focus. Meet the teacher events aim to help students get familiar with their new teacher and explore their classroom. Open house, on the other hand, is a chance for parents to ask any questions they may have and find out what their role is in their children’s education.

Learn More Before Open House

Many schools have plenty of information available for new and returning families online! Spend a little time reading up on the school so you can avoid questions that are easily answered in other materials. This way, you can spend your time learning about your child’s teacher’s methods and expectations. You might want to look into the school’s mission statement, curricular guidelines for each subject, state standards for each subject, and school policies.

Find Out What Your Child is Thinking

Many parents choose to attend open house without their little ones, allowing you to have an uninterrupted conversation with your child’s teacher and avoid distractions. Before you head out to the event, catch up with your little one. Discover what goals she has for the school year and ask her if she has any concerns. If there are any issues that are preventing her from looking forward to the semester, you can talk about them with her teacher and address these problems head-on.

Come Prepared to Learn

You’ll leave open house with a lot of new information, and no matter how good your memory is, you’re only human! Make sure you remember the important takeaways of the night by bringing a notebook and pen. You might also want to bring a camera so you can take photos of the classroom, classroom policies or signs, and your little one’s locker. Consider bringing a folder to keep handouts in one convenient location.