How to share your Catholic faith


With everything that God has done in your life, your Catholic beliefs are a core part of who you are. It takes courage and humility to share those beliefs in today’s world, but doing so can help bring people to God and give them the same peace you have. These ideas from Orlando private schools can help you start opening up about your faith.

Bring Up Church in Your Daily Conversations

The first step in being open about your faith is being honest about how you spend your time. If people don’t even know you go to church, it’s unlikely they’ll open up to you with their questions and thoughts about God. When you’re having a conversation about how you spent your weekend, don’t be afraid to mention the Sunday service you attended. If you’re discussing your weekday evening plans with a group of friends, go ahead and tell them about the church group you spend time with on Wednesdays. Not only does this let people know about your faith, it may make others who are quiet about their beliefs feel more empowered to talk about them.

Be a Walking Example of Your Faith

In many cases, actions speak louder than words. To share your faith, you have to live it. Don’t get caught up in behaviors like gossiping or swearing, no matter how tempting they may be. Once people know you follow God, they see your actions in a whole different light — so make sure that your actions look favorable.